The 28th Pennsylvania Regimental Brass Band
(First Brigade, II Division, XII Corps)
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"History of the 28th PA Regimental Brass Band: An Update"
by Mus. Tom M. Ricks, PHD

Incorporated in 1998, The 28th Pennsylvania Regimental Brass Band is an association of musicians
sharing an interest in the portrayal of a Federal Military Band in typical field settings during the American Civil War. 
 The Band  is an independant sub-unit of the 28th Pennsylvania Historical Association (SVR - Mifflin Guard). 
Activities are limited to 1 or 2 reenactments yearly and 2-3 other performances. 
It is an ideal outlet for talented musicians with minimal free time who wish to experience
the daily routine of a typical Union Bandsman during the 1860's conflict.
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(Song: "Pennsylvania 28th" performed at the First National Civil War Band Festival)